Every News Outlet Repeated That Same Lie About Kate Smith, Hour After Hour, Day After Day.

For three days last April, every news outlet in America reported that New York Yankees baseball and Philadelphia Flyers hockey both removed Kate’s  “God Bless America” from their stadiums.  Hour after hour, they repeated the big lie that this was done because “Kate Smith sang racist songs during the 1930’s”.

This lie was never questioned or challenged.  It was repeated so often that most Americans now believe it is true.

Kate Smith Statue by Philadelphia Flyers/Xfinity Stadium covered like a prisoner set for execution before it was removed last April 21.  Photo by 101.5 FM

I am the executive director of  We are a non-political, tax-exempt  education group.

Last year, I was a Republican candidates for Congress in New Jersey.  I was narrowly defeated.  Like many Republicans, I could not overcome countless lies imbedded in the minds of half the voters in a culture war against America that has been going on for the past 50 years.

We need to fight back.   We need to win battles in that culture war before the next elections.  The first battle our group wants to win is to restore the reputation of Kate Smith and “God Bless America”.  Here is how we want to begin.

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1.  Postcards:  We plan to mail or hand out 50,000 postcards along the New Jersey beaches and Boardwalks, where many Yankee and Flyers fans go in the summer.  Here is a rough idea of the message and images we would like to use.  However, we want your opinion before we have them designed and printed.   Please let us know your thoughts by contacting us at  Thanks.


Ethel Waters recorded “Pickaninny Blues” in 1926. It may be a play on words of the 1921 hit by Noble Sissle & Eubie Blake “My Pickaninny Shoes”.  That song was part of their breakthrough revue “Shuffle Along”.  It instantly transformed the minstrel show from degradation of blacks to a genuine expression of black art, culture, and pride as part of “The Harlem Renaissance”.

Language, like fashion, changes.  In 1931, words like “black” and “African-American” were offensive.  Words like “darky”, “pickaninny” and “Mammy” were not.  Those now offensive words were then in the songs, writings, and everyday speech of most blacks including leaders and celebrities like Noble Sissle, Ethel Waters, Paul Robeson and James Baldwin.
Kate Smith sang 3,000 songs.  She was in her mid-20s when she recorded two songs containing those three words that are now objectionable.

Civil rights militant Paul Robeson also recorded “That’s Why Darkies Were Born” in 1931.
“That’s Why Darkies Were Born” was a song for justice–not white supremacy.  It refers to four Bible verses condemning racism and oppression!  It was sung by Robeson and jazz singer Mildred Bailey as well as Kate.

These facts are so obvious and undisputed, that they should be known by every high school graduate.   Sadly, they are not.  Help us change that.

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2.  Videos:  Help us create and share videos.  Visit and the YouTube Channel.   If you have videos to deliver our message, please share them with us so we can post them on our channel!   Thanks.

 3.  T-Shirts and Souvenirs:  Help us design, market and sell them.  We have agreed to donate all profits to restoring Kate Smith’s reputation.

4.   Publish and Post Letters:   Send them to your local newspaper.  Post comments on their online sites and social media.   You are welcome to copy and paste anything we post on or Patriots for Kate Smith.

5.  Reach Out and Organize Phillies and Flyers fans.    Many Phillies fans want “God Bless America” for their home games during the 7th Inning!   Flyers fans  also want that song and Kate’s statue back in Philadelphia.  Also, help us get the attention of Comcast, the media mega-giant that owns the Flyers–and operates stadiums and convention centers around the country–including two in Atlantic City.

If you have not already done so, please make an anonymous (if you want), tax-exempt donation.    Millions of visitors from around the country will soon be visiting our beaches, boardwalks, and casinos–including many high school and college students.   This is the best time and place to reach them!

Also, please tell us how we can cooperate with you or any other group to deliver our message beyond the New Jersey-Philadelphia area.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director
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Please Donate To Our ‘Summer of Truth’ Project
All online donations received during the months of May and June will be dedicated to our Summer of Truth campaign to repair the damage done to Kate Smith’s reputation!
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