Deu entrada no ARQUIVO / BIBLIOTECA,  por aquisição,  um vasto espólio de publicações revolucionárias, socialistas, comunistas, trotsquistas e outras oriundo do Reino Unido. Esse espólio é especialmente rico em periódicos trotsquistas, mas inclui também panfletos, relatórios e outros materiais, compreendendo centenas de exemplares. Na colecção estão publicações britânicas, americanas, neo-zelandesas, etc. e algumas são documentos internos, destinados apenas aos seus membros.

Alguns exemplos:

(Informação bilbiográfica original dos exemplares)


Anti Concordat published by the Rank and File Centre, c.1979.

Declaration and Platform of the Bolshevik Faction”52 pages of documents dated 1976-78. (Part of the Usec Fourth International)

The Campaign for Democracy in the Labour Movement – Creature of the Workers Socialist League’s Centrism 3 page, 6 sides leaflet typewritten produced by the London Spartacist group in October 1977.

The I.L.P A Brief History” by Barry Winter, published by the Independent Labour Party in softcover in 1992.

The Kurdish Uprising and Kurdistan’s Nationalist Shop front and Its Negotiations with the Baathist/ Fascist regime (plus an account of the workers’ councils) softcover from 1991.

Socialist Organiser Alliance – Annual general Meeting June 26th and 27th 1982” 4 page typewritten minutes.

The Fight Against the Racists The Nazional Front and How To Smash It a “Socialist Worker” pamphlet published by the International Socialists so early 19709s,

Bound Volume of SPGB pamphlets – “Nationalisation or Socialism?”, “Socialism – SPGB Library no 9”; “Questions of the Day revised edition no 8”; “The Socialist Party Its Principles and Policy no 12”; “Should Socialists Support Federal Union no 14”

The World Prospect for Socialism – resolution on the International Situation, adopted by the British Socialist Labour League at its 1961 annual conference, photocopies reprint, pages numbered  85-127, published by Spartacist Publications, London undated c. late 1970s.

Workers Socialist League – Pre-conference Discussion 1980, Document 6, Internal Bulletin for members Only”


Bread and Roses, IWW magazine, issues 9 and 10, from 2007, plus GOB 8 (General Organization Bulletin of the IWW, 2007).

Class Struggle – paper of the Communist Workers Group, New Zealand”  April 1996 issue. And nos 16 and 17 from 1997 issue.

Class Struggle,  Internationalist Communist Union (Trotskyist) 3 issues from 1996, 1 from 2008.

The Commune – paper of the International Communists issues 1 (November 2008) – 10 (January 2010) plus February 2010 special issue, plus 2 pamphlets…The Commune pamphlets 1 (on Bolivia, Sep 2008) and 2 (on Nationalisation or Workers’ Management?, October 2008) plus 2 leaflets issued by the Commune.

Democratic Socialist Alliance,  Bulletin 1 July 2005 plus pamphlet from 2006 “What is a Revolutionary Programme” by Phil Sharpe, plus “Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform Bulletin September 2004”.

Fighting Worker – Build An International Open Trotskyist Conference – Publication of the Revolutionary Workers League, International Trotskyist Committee” 8 issues dated bewteen 1987 and 1991.

International Internal Discussion Bulletin,  January 1973 and January 1974 issues, contributors include Nahuel Moreno and Hugo Blanc.

International Socialists – Internal Bulletin – January 1972, 27 pages plus 14 page document. Contains Easter Conference documents of 1972.

International Trotskyist Review – theoretical journey of the International Trotskyist Committee” no 1, January 1985 – Documents of the Founding Conference of the International Trotskyist Committee”.

The Internationalist,  May-June 2008 issue, publication of the Internationalist Group, section of the League for the Fourth International (aka the Norden group).

IT – International Times issues 91 (Nov 1970),98 (March 1971),102 (April 1971), 111 (Aug 1971) Good condition. Plus “The IT Book of Drugs” (undated softcover, c.1970s)

The Leveller, issues no pilot issue; 1 (Nov 1976) 2 (Dec 1976)3 (January 1977); no 5 (April/May 1977).

Liverpool Free Press no 9 July/August 1972.

Lutte De Classe Class Struggle Lucha de Clase – For a Proletarian Revolutionary World Party – trilingual magazines issues 1-21 (July 1986 – December 1988) plus issues 34, 36, 38,45 and 47 (from 1992)  26 issues in total.

Marxist Voice – Journal of the Campaign for a New Marxist Party vol 1, nos 1-3 and vol 2 no 1 (all from 2007 and 2008) .

Morning Star, 372 copies of the daily newspaper, dated between 2002 and 2005.

News and Letters,  undated newspaper 1980s from the Raya Dunayevskaya group, contributors include Harry McShane.

New Interventions A Journal of Socialist Discussion and Opinion vol 13 no 4 Summer 2001.

Permanent Revolution – Theoretical journal of Workers Power (Britain) ” issues  6-10 (1987-1994).

Red Star,  paper of the Red Party issues 1and 2  from 2004,

Socialist Action,  quarterly journal of the League for Socialist Action, December 1976 issue, very Good. And October 1980 (monthly by then) issue.

Socialist Voice,  issues 4, June 1992, May 2002 and June 2004, monthly journal of the International Socialist League, British section of the International Workers League (4th International).

Sotto il Vulcano – International Socialist review in Italian. From 2001, plus another Italian language pamphlet by Jon Flanders on Afghanistan from 2001

Trotskyist International magazine of the LRCI (Workers Power) issues 1-12, 13./14 double issue; 15-26, dated between 1988 and 1999.

Truth – Organ of the Trotskyist Organization USA” June 1987,

Unity A Marxist Journal for all Grassroots Activists” Sep 2006 issue “Venezuela and Latin America Continent in Revolt” published by Socialist Worker, New Zealand.

What Is To Be Done?,  volume 2 no 24, June 1st 1982, the Joint Internal Discussion Bulletin of the RWF and the RUL (aka th Moreno Group).

What Next?,  Marxist Discussion Journal nos 14, 18-22, 25 dated between 1999 and 2003

Women and Revolution – Journal of the Women’s Commission of the Spartacist League” – issues nos 4 (Fall 1973) – 45 (1996) complete.

World Socialist,  journal of the World Socialist Movement (SPGB) – issues 1-7 (1984-1988),

World News and Views – CPGB paper – 14 issues dated between 1946 and 1952,

Working Class Opposition – Monthly Newspaper of the Internationalist Workers Party (Fourth International)  July 1987 and September 1987 issues US paper.

Workers’ Liberty – vol 3 nos 1, 8, 12, 14-16, dated between January 2006 and October 2007, Very Good condition. Plus “Two Nations Two States – Israel/Palestine” a Workers’ Liberty pamphlet (October 2001) “How To Beat The Racists” (Sep 2001) plus updated (2002) issue of the Israel pamphlet, “We Stand for Workers’ Liberty” (Feb 2006 pamphlet) .

Workers Power , October 2009 issue with supplement,

Workers’ Voice, vol 4 no 1, Spring 1997 – quarterly US paper of Workers’ Voice (US).

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