Introduction to a Different Congressional Campaign

   This is not a standard style campaign and I am not your typical candidate. This candidacy is an effort to prove that anyone can conduct a valid Congressional level campaign free of major party dictates and Big Money influence. The goal of this campaign includes resolving issues and thus not having them appear again and again in each election to continue to divide us. It has recently also become a sort of crusade to design a better way to conduct our elections.
This is a link to current podcasts found at WSMN. Click on my head shot. Click on the symbol at the bottom right. The current podcasts will be up on the left.

The shows are listed by date of recording.

8/16 covers the National Deficit as a National Securuty Threat.

8/23 covers preparing students for the coming political landscape

8/30 covers an effort to make librariesa part of rebuilding community civic involvement.

9/6 is an Introduction to Renovating our Election Process

9/13 covers newspaper and radio political coverage, now and in the future.

Found under A Better Election Process: A Problem to Address?, Resolving Issues?, Cooperative Campaigning, Cutting Out Big Money, Breaking Gridlock, A Better Process, Ending Gerrymandering, Challenging My Opponents

Note: This site is a work in progress and under constant improvement. If you visited this site before June 23 and are looking for something seen earlier it will be found in the Archives page.

The Issues page is presented to function as a never ending Town Hall. Consider the separate issues sections a transcript of the search to have those to be represented setting the issues to be resolved. When all issues are recorded they will be assigned a Priority. Different from the norm this campaign will seek to have what will constitute resolution of the issues be defined in measurable detail. And be a result that will satisfy the demands of the majority of those to be represented.

Here is a direct link to the page with an audio of a recent interview. Runs about 15 minutes.

Under Issues the following categories are provided:

National Security Threats: The National Debt, Immigration Concerns, Nuclear Attack Threats, Military Force Authorization, Environmental Concerns, Four Choices – Sharing the World – Or Not

Legislative Concerns: Campaign Finance Reform, Job Creation, Veteran Care, Election Security, A New Election Approach, Impeachment Alternative, 2nd Amendment

Domestic Concerns: Abortion, Preventive Health Care, School Safety, Challenging the Two Parties, Media Failings

Questions that Deserve Answers?

 These are the questions that concerned me as the prelude to the 2016 elections forced me to go beyond being just a seasonal citizen. So now I have moved beyond seeing something and saying something to doing something. Would love it if I could have found another to champion my concerns. But, for now, I am the only me I can find.

Has the two party domination of politics become so toxic that they collectively are becoming the enemy domestic we were warned to guard against by our founders?

Has the monetary elite made money so essential to getting elected to national office that we only have a choice at the polls in November between the two options for each office that these elites allow to be presented to us?

Is the great experiment that is American Democracy coming upon the end of its days? Or is this just yet another moment in our country’s history when our national resolve to insure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness requires we once more become more collectively diligent so as to preserve and advance our precious heritage?

Why is it that each election we are offered the same dividing issues again and again by the two parties that somehow never get resolved by those who promise us they will do just that if we let them represent us?

Are we in danger of becoming a house divided against itself? This time perhaps not because of state loyalty being placed ahead of country, but of party loyalty being placed ahead of country?

If America is no longer willing to be the policeman for the world are we ready to become the policed, and by those with a decidedly opposing agenda?

Is America still true to the founder’s motto of E Pluribus Unum, (out of many, one), or is tribalism becoming so dominate that we are abandoning the embracing of diversity, which has been such a key for our unique national achievements?

Do the recent national demonstrations against gun violence by students, the massive world wide  marches organized by women and the many nationwide protests against numerous Washington policies put out this past year that ignore the will of the majority not remind us that “We the People” is still a more potent guiding principle and political force then “Us versus Them”?

If doing the same thing again and again, yet expecting a different outcome is a humerus, yet still working definition of insanity, then maybe a different approach in selecting our representation in Congress might be worth exploring?

Might it not be time to test out if in this modern era a candidate can get elected to a national office without the restricting obligations that support by a major party and the monetary elite impose upon those they endorse?

Site Listing for fellow applicants to represent NH2

 I invite you to compare my site to my fellow applicants.

These site addresses should funtion as hyerlinks.

Annie Kuster – Democrat   Official Government site

Campaign site

Brian Belanger – Republican

Lynne Blankenbeker Republican  https


Dr. Stewart Levenson – Republican

Steven Negron – Republican

Here is a new fellow applicant I learned about. Will add what I can harvest from his sight on the issues and add them where the others are referenced.

Robert Burns – Republican

Donations and Voter Validations

 Like all candidates for  Congress I must be validated by registered voters. As I am not in the primaries, except as a write in as a protest vote, There in no immediate urgency for me to collect the required number of filled out forms.

If you wish to validate my effort by mail please send your address to the following:


614 Nashua Street PMB 126

Milford, NH 03055-4943

To submit by email please use the volunteer option under Contacting Us.

Please understand that you may only submit one form for one candidate maximum per election. Fill in the second portion of the official voter form. Enclose the form in the self addressed stamped envelope provided. When received at the campaign we will collect all those for the same Town Clerk and deliver the forms for them to verify. When they return the forms to us we will deliver them as required to the NH Secretary of State.


You must be a voter in NH’s 2nd District. Also provide how many forms you wish for your household and friends. Limit 10 forms per address. This is trying to be a most frugal campaign. 🙂

Donations may be made in one of three ways. The site Donate Button allows contributions via PayPal. The address is provided to mail a check. Also a link to a GoFundMe page is included for those who prefer that method.

As I understand donations are not tax deductible. Also that the individual limit is $2500.

This campaign is set to succeed on only small individual donations. All donations that got to  our campaign to this point totaled under $600 dollars. The $50,000 step is now activated so that more traditional exposure methods can be employed to make more aware of the alternatives being suggested.

We will be happy if the goal was reached by 5,000 $10 dollar donations. Any who pay more then that we will consider paying forward for those that are also to be represented that cannot spare even that amount. It also asked that those who donate large amounts limit donations at this stage to $500 maximum. When stage 3 is activated the larger donations will be applied to television ads.

GoFundMe Option

  Those that wish to Donate via Go Fund Me should use the following link.

To Donate by Check

 . If you wish to mail a check send to the following address:


614 Nashua Street PMB 126

Milford, NH 03055-4943

Make the check out to Gary S. Moody.   Please include in the memo field either


or  donation – dbnh2

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