New Yorkers know what it means to be a good neighbor. Whether you live in Sugar Hill, Tottenville, Morris Park, Bensonhurst, or Breezy Point, we find community and support in one another—in good times and in tough ones.

Right now, our neighborhoods may feel different than they did a few months ago. The usual sights and sounds of New York City—car horns, construction noise, live music, and showtime on the subway—are on pause, just like us. Yet, one thing remains the same: NYC neighbors and communities continue to band together and their bonds are as strong as ever. Every evening, we come together at 7pm with a new collection of sounds as we celebrate the heroes who keep our city healthy.

At the Museum of the City of New York, we are more committed than ever to chronicling and sharing these examples of community strength and connection. Please consider a gift – of any amount – to ensure our continued role as New York’s Storyteller.

This is not the first time New York has recognized our neighbors and communities leading the way during challenging times. The Museum of the City of New York has celebrated community changemakers and organizers throughout our 100-year history in exhibitions like New York at Its Core and Activist New York. Learn the stories of three community champions:

  • Antonia Pantoja – who created multiple organizations to support New York’s Puerto Rican community
  • Elsie Richardson – founder of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation and Brooklyn community activist for half a century
  • Sister Joanna Wan-Yun Chan 陳尹瑩 – who used theater and the arts to bring Chinese New Yorkers together

We’ve been sharing the city’s stories of dedication, community, struggle, and reinvention for nearly 100 years. With the help of our incredible NYC community, we can continue to illuminate the past, understand the present, and imagine the future of the world’s most influential metropolis. Please support the Museum of the City of New York today.

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