Journal of the History of Collections
Volume 33 Issue 2
July 2021
Thomas Penny and the preservation of Conrad Gessner’s botanical legacy
Holger Funk
A botanical collector abroad: contextualizing Thomas Penny’s travels in Switzerland and France, 1565–1568
Marie Addyman
The social life of Bartolomeo della Nave’s art collection in Seicento Venice
Susan Nalezyty
A Bolognese collector rediscovered: Count Ludovico Caprara (1621–1695) and the seventeenth-century art market
Giulia Iseppi
Enlightenment architectures: the reconstruction of Sir Hans Sloane’s cabinets of ‘Miscellanies’ border=
Kim SloanJulianne Nyhan
The collection of Fabio Fani: Carracci, Luti, Garzi, sharks’ teeth and the ‘nail of the Great Beast’
Guendalina Serafinelli
Mystery and history: when did Catherine the Great purchase the Lyde Browne collection?
Alexander V Kruglov
The Testament politique of Nicholas I? Monarchical propaganda and the birth of a national collection
Elina Sopo
Michelangelo Gualandi (1793–1887) and the National Gallery: an unofficial ‘Travelling Agent’ for Sir Charles Eastlake
Susanna Avery-QuashGiovanni Mazzaferro
The Hull Grundy collection in the Museum of Medicine and Health, University of Manchester
Peter MohrStephanie Seville
John Singer Sargent, collector of modern art: works by Antonio Mancini and other Italian painters
Michele Amedei
‘The only delight of my life’: the collection of Pablo Bosch (1841–1915) and its bequest to the Museo del Prado
Pedro J Martínez Plaza
The influence of art censorship on New York collectors in the Gilded Age
Amy Werbel
Henry Clay Frick and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: the blockbuster exhibition of 1910 border=
Nancy Scott
Re-collecting Cypriot antiquity: the Kent collection in Harrogate
Anna ReeveSally Waite
Teaching classics with objects? The acquisition of classical antiquities by British schools, 1860–1950
Ollie Croker
Book Reviews
De Filarete à Riccio: bronzes italiens de la Renaissance (1430–1550)
Giulia Zaccariotto
Elizabethan Globalism: England, China and the Rainbow Portrait
Susan Bracken
The Lost Library of the King of Portugal
Jeremy Warren
The World of Disney: From antiquarianism to archaeology
Martin Henig
A Catalogue of the Sculpture Collection at Wilton House
Clare Hornsby
Women and the Art and Science of Collecting in Eighteenth-Century Europe
Katy Barrett
The Purchase of the Past: Collecting culture in post-Revolutionary Paris, c.1790–1890
Suzanne Higgott
America and the Art of Flanders: Collecting paintings by Rubens, Van Dyck, and their circles
Virginia Brilliant
Illuminated Manuscripts from Europe in the Calouste Gulbenkian Collection
Ana de Oliveira Dias
The Berlin Masterpieces in America: Paintings, politics, and the Monuments Men
Jonathan Conlin
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