FOX NEWS: Hillary Clinton encourages Texas Democrats to turn the state blue
“Hillary Clinton tells voters in Houston she believes Texas could turn blue for 2020.”


She just won’t go away. Hillary Clinton is back and she has her eye on Texas. To a room full of liberal Democrat donors in Houston, here is what she said.

“If Democrats win in Texas, wow, we will sweep the nation in 2020!”

José, what concerns me most is that she is right. You and I both know how important Texas is to winning back the House and securing another four years for President Trump in the White House.

National Democrats know it too. That is why they are targeting me and bringing Hillary Clinton to our backyard.

I am going to shoot you straight: this is a long fight and I need your help so we don’t lose before we get to the main battle in November 2020. May is an important month. Will you please chip in today before the end of the month?

Texas is the last line of defense for President Trump in 2020. I will do everything I can to turn out voters and keep Texas red. Will you please fuel our efforts as we develop our 2020 plan?

For Liberty,

Chip Roy
U.S. Congressman, TX-21

Fight Back Against The Swamp Attacks — DONATE NOW
I ran for Congress to stand up against the kind of nonsense that Nancy Pelosi tried to pull the other day. On the Friday before a 10-day break, after almost all members of Congress had left Washington, Pelosi rammed through a $19 billion spending bill without debate, no amendments and not even a vote! That’s what happened and it should be the headline of this story.

I stood up to object because that’s what I said I’d do when I ran for Congress. It’s a novel concept in The Swamp, unfortunately, but pretty simple really. The people of Texas’ 21st Congressional District elected me to stand up against very swampy things, to fight against reckless spending and secure the border.

This apparently struck a real nerve with the national Democrat campaign arm (DCCC). They immediately started running attack ads against me because of my willingness to stand for conservative principle. In fact, buried deep in the DCCC official statement on Friday, they called TX-21 “a top tier Democratic pickup opportunity.”

That’s why we need your help to fight back. Please join patriots across the country and donate as much as you can right away to help us take on Pelosi and The Swamp.

Nancy Pelosi would have gotten away with her move on Friday to ram through that bill in the “dark of night” if someone didn’t object. All we’re asking for is transparency for the American people, debate and an up or down vote. At a minimum, we owe it to the public to discuss the merits of $19 billion in the light of day. Pelosi had ample opportunity to do that before members of Congress left for Recess, but she doesn’t care.

So this whole episode exposes the terrible Swamp games Washington plays all the time. It’s actually even worse than you might imagine. Like I said, now the national Democrat campaign arm is targeting me hard for standing up for conservative principles. They’re attacking me for trying to stop these very swampy things.

Please help us fight back in any way you can right away.

For Liberty,

Chip Roy
U.S. Congressman, TX-21

Roll Call is reporting that the Democrats’ national campaign arm (DCCC) just launched a new round of attack ads against Chip Roy for standing up to The Swamp. The ads are in response to Chip blocking Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous move to ram through a $19 Billion spending bill without any members of Congress offering amendments, debating or even voting! This is THE SWAMP at its worst. Chip shined a light on her farce and the American people are rightly appalled.

Let’s be perfectly clear — nothing will ever change in Washington until people like Chip have the courage to stand up and stop the nonsense. That’s exactly what he did yesterday.

Now The Swamp is striking back against Chip in TX-21 and he needs your help.

What happened yesterday in Congress is actually not complicated. Speaker Pelosi waited until AFTER the members of Congress left for a long Memorial Day recess, then tried to pass the $19 Billion disaster relief bill without a vote, without debate and without amendments. Basically in the “dark of night.”

The sad part is Pelosi would have gotten away with it, and the American people who have been unaware, if Chip had not stood up to object. Note that Chip is now being attacked for allegedly “blocking urgent, emergency relief funding” even though Pelosi had plenty of time to debate and pass the bill with a vote BEFORE members left for the congressional break.

Again, this is simple — just have a debate and vote up or down. The bill will pass or fail, but at least it will be transparent for the world to see. Otherwise, it’s easy for members to sneak in pork-barrel spending that has nothing to do with disaster relief. Pelosi’s move was the SWAMP at its worst and they don’t want to be exposed. But that’s exactly what Chip did. Now The Swamp is fighting mad.

We need patriots to rise up across America and stand with Chip against The Swamp.

Thank you so much!

For Liberty,

Texas’ 21st Congressional District

Get President Trump’s Back on Border Security: Donate Now >>
President Trump has a real fight on his hands to secure the border. He needs our help. Speaker Pelosi won’t take action because she doesn’t care. What’s worse is that the entrenched federal bureaucracy, the Deep State, is also blocking meaningful action to address this growing crisis.

That’s why I joined several congressional colleagues in sending a letter to the acting head of Homeland Security urging him to enact key border security policies. This is an urgent matter of critical importance — the cartels are gaining increasing control of parts of the border, putting our families and communities in great danger every day.

Yet Pelosi and unelected bureaucrats in Washington refuse to act, in many cases proactively blocking border security measures. This has to change. Stand with us and President Trump to secure the border.

Like I said, President Trump is working hard to secure the border and we need to have his back. Here’s what we said in the letter to the Department of Homeland Security:

“Recent DHS statistics on the number of arrivals at our southern border are clear proof that what is currently being done, is not enough… Current projections are that more than 1 million people will have crossed our southern border illegally this year. Our constituents, the American public, are confounded as to why more is not being done by your Department.”

“As the President continues to show leadership on this issue, we strongly encourage you to exercise the same manner of enthusiasm for fixing this crisis,” we added in the letter.

If you agree that we can and must do more to secure the border, please stand with us and President Trump today. There’s no time to lose and we have to keep fighting. Thank you!

For Liberty,

Chip Roy
U.S. Congressman, TX-21


This week in Washington, we were fighting for conservative principles on multiple fronts. We pushed forward with some of the most pressing issues, including how to truly secure the border, stop reckless spending, and fighting the so-called “equality act.”

While President Trump rightly called for border security in his announcement on Thursday, we will see approximately 20,000 illegal aliens get apprehended and thousands more un-apprehended in the coming week… yet Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care and the Department of Homeland Security won’t act.

We also circulated a letter demanding that Congress stick to the budget caps they voted for themselves a few years ago. More than 40 of my colleagues signed the letter, but Congress doesn’t want to budget. They want to run trillion-dollar deficits while our nation is $22 trillion in debt and counting. Remember, these folks work for you. We have to hold to the caps.

Both parties are guilty but we’ll keep fighting. If you agree these issues are important and worth fighting for, please donate now to help us make a difference.

These fights in Washington aren’t going to go away. And they matter more than ever. Unfortunately, the national Democrat campaign arm has already started targeting specific members of Congress who are standing for conservative principles.

So wherever you live, we need your help. Patriots from all 50 states are rising up to help us in this effort. We have to keep working to secure the border and finishing building the wall, stop reckless government spending, stand for life, and increase access to affordable health care.

Please join our fight and donate $250, $100, $50 or $25 now. 

Thank you so much!

For Liberty,

Chip Roy
U.S. Congressman, TX-21


Do You Stand with Chik-fil-A?

I’ll keep this short. Our Christian values are under attack in the name of “equality and inclusion.” We’ve seen it recently with the San Antonio City Council blocking Chik-fil-A from operating a restaurant in the airport. The PC police are out of control and we have to fight back.

On the flip side, the administration of Trinity University in San Antonio stood up for freedom of speech recently and allowed Chik-fil-A to keep their restaurant in the student food center. That was despite a strong challenge by the Student Government Association, which said the restaurant should be removed because of its “values regarding the LBGT+ community.”

So I just wrote the President of Trinity University to thank him for making sure all students, including those with deeply-held religious beliefs, feel welcome on campus. The politically correct nonsense has to stop. If you agree, please donate now to help us fight for our values.

Thank you and God bless!

For Liberty,

Chip Roy
U.S. Congressman, TX-21

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