Is a ‘Culture of Mediocrity’ In All Levels of US Government Our Most Dangerous Enemy?

“Many observers are content to lay blame for the failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on the Bush administration. But inept leadership by American generals was also responsible. A culture of mediocrity has taken hold within the Army’s leadership rank—if it is not uprooted, the country’s next war is unlikely to unfold any better than the last two. Thomas E. Ricks, 2012.
Click here for full post of “Does This 2012 Article on ‘Culture of Mediocrity’ in US Military Also Explain Failures in US  Public Health Today?”

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Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx built their careers and reputations in public health during the AIDS/HIV epidemic of the 1980s.  Were they responsible for the political correctness and HIPAA patient privacy that caused hundreds of thousands of needless deaths?  Does the public health bureaucracy also have a “culture of mediocrity” where success is not recognized and rewarded and where failure is not punished?   Click Here for Full Post:  “Does This 2012 Article on “Culture of Mediocrity” In US Military Also Explain Failures In US Public Health Today?

During the past ten years, various agencies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime in China arranged for many “free” trips and exchange programs with the mayor of Atlantic City, Atlantic County business leaders, and teachers and administrators of the Linwood public schools and Stockton University.  Did Communist regime set up similar programs with politicians, business leaders and schools and colleges all over America?  Does this explain why so many American politicians, business leaders, and college professors support WHO and the Chinese Communist regime explanations of the coronavirus?  Does this explain why there are so few reports on the the spectacular success of non-Communist Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea in stopping the disease?

Click here for full post:  Did Years of “Free” Trips & Exchange Programs with Chinese Communists Blind US To Coronavirus Danger?  And to Taiwan’s Success in Stopping It?
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Do Coronavirus Lockdown or Mask Orders Violate US or NJ Constituitions?  If a  law, rule, or action infringes on a citizen’s “fundamental rights”, the state or government official has the burden of showing a “compelling state or government interest to do so”.   In those cases, courts apply “strict scrutiny” to the law, rule, or action. Then, it is difficult and rare for the government official to win.

When “strict scrutiny” applies, the state or government officials must prove that they are using the “most narrowly tailored” or “least restrictive” means to achieve the “compelling state or government interest”. Some courts have said a law, rule, or action must be “necessary” or “crucial” to survive a “strict scrutiny” test.

Click here for full article:  Do Coronavirus Restrictions Violate US or NJ Constitutions?

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Why Do Fauci & Birx Force Us To Follow Italy’s Failures — Not Taiwan’s Success?

Taiwan did everything right about coronavirus.  Italy did everything wrong.  Why do Fauci and Birx say nothing about Taiwan success and what we can learn or borrow from them?  Why do they force us to duplicate Italy failure?  Taiwan was exposed to #coronavirus first.  Yet only 373 of its 24 million people got infected.  Only 5 died. There are very few new cases and a flat curve.  Taiwan never shut down its schools and businesses.  Taiwan doesn’t have bailouts because it doesn’t need them.

The New York/North Jersey Metro area has roughly 14 million people– less than two thirds of Taiwan.  Yet it has roughly 160,000 cases, nearly half of all cases in the United States.  And it has roughly 3,500 deaths.  Even worse, the disease is still out of control.  Its curve is still rising sharply

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Here’s what Taiwan does that we don’t do–instead of lockdowns.

  1. Taiwan closely controls its borders and checks for disease.
  2. Taiwan does rigorous mass testing and requires twice daily temperature checks for everyone,  even for people not showing symptoms.
  3. Anyone who tests positive for #coronavirus is quarantined and neighbors, friends, and co-workers are notified.
  4. Quarantines are enforced with heavy fines for violators.
  5. Anyone who tests positive for corona virus must give detail history of his or her whereabouts and who he/she contacted while contagious.   Those contacts are then also questioned and quarantined.  Heavy fines for liars.
  6. #Masks4all.  #MasksforAll.  Because mere speaking is enough to spread coronavirus, everyone must wear a mask when out in public.

Click here, or visit and then scroll down to our Blog for details and sources.

Taiwan’s measures seem harsh and un-American. However, they are temporary and apply to very few people who are infected or at high risk.  As the above posters indicate, they were routinely done in the US to eradicate measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria and polio until vaccines were developed in 1950’s. Also, this was done very effectively by state and local health officials long before the federal government got involved.
 What don’t we do that?  Why don’t we even talk about doing that?  Why don’t Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, or President Trump even mentioned Taiwan?
               1.  Is it because today’s U.S. public health policies were made in the 1980’s during the AIDS/HIV epidemic?  Are HIPAA and  patient privacy “rights” designed to protect gay men from embarrassment then more important than saving lives and stopping the spread of COVID-19 today?
2. Since 1949, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been at war with Free China Taiwan.  Are their bribes and threats to  governments, politicians, media and public health officials so big that even President Trump won’t mention Taiwan?
3.  Have the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) have become bloated and unresponsive bureaucracies that cannot effectively respond to an international crisis like this?  Are they like the French army of World War 2 that were prepared for trench warfare, but not blitzkrieg?
4.  Are state and local officials no longer able to apply common sense to local conditions.  Have they been trained instead to do nothing for weeks other than wait for instructions and money from Washington?  Is that why Atlantic City quickly recovered from storms of 1944 and 1962 without Federal “help” , but not from “Superstorm” Sandy in 2012?
5.  Do recent arrests of professor and an undercover Chinese army lieutenant agent at Harvard University show that the Chinese Communist regime has paid agents working inside our top public health institutions?
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When The Bleeding Stops, So Must The Bailouts!  Never Let Them Become Normal.

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Tired of TV Networks That Don’t Broadcast or Cut Off President Trump Coronavirus Taskforce Briefings?  View them directly on The White House You Tube Channel.  The link is posted on our blog, along with links to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus COVID19 Interactive sites and English language Twitter posts from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
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That $2 Trillion Bailout is Unconstitutional, Bloated, Corrupt and Dangerous. But Did Trump Have A Choice? What Can We Do Now?

Look at the $2 Trillion Bailout as a tourniquet. A tourniquet stops massive bleeding from a severe wound in an arm or leg. That stops the patient from bleeding to death. However, the wound must be quickly closed, and the tourniquet must be removed as soon as the  bleeding stops.  Otherwise, tissue dies, and the arm or leg must be amputated. We must work to quickly stop the spread of #coronavirus.   We must quickly imitate the success of countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. However, once we stop the virus and people get back to work, we must immediately stop the bailouts.Trump must then freeze all unspent money and return it to the Treasury.  If  judges try to stop him, we must elect a Congress that will do this.

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Free China Taiwan With 24 Million People Was First Outside Communist China To Be Exposed To Corona Virus.  Yet it Has 306 Cases & 5 Deaths. Metro NY/NJ With 13 Million Has 73,000 Cases & more than 800 Deaths. Why?  Why Can’t We Do What Taiwan Is Doing?  Why Won’t Media or Public Health Leaders Even Tell Us What Taiwan Is Doing?
Is it because public health bureaucrats here in America got infected with “political correctness” during the AIDS/HIV epidemic of the 1980’s? Dr. Fauci was appointed to his current position in 1984.  Since then, public health agencies have put the HIPAA privacy “rights” of infected spreaders above the rights of the vast majority who are healthy to know who is infected with a disease so they can avoid them and protect themselves and their families. It was these “public health” professionals who were unprepared for mass testing.  They saw tests only as something to help them treat sick patients.   Dr. Fauci admitted that it never occurred to him and his colleagues that mass testing should be used to identify and isolate anyone who could spread the disease like in Taiwan and South Korea.
Is it because the Communist China Party (CCP) that runs Mainland China has been trying to destroy and occupy its Free China rival, non-Communist Taiwan since 1949?  It is well known that the Communist regime in China has spent enormous sums of money for years to bully and bribe leaders of world organizations like the UN and WHO, big corporations including media companies, politicians, sports figures and celebrities.  Is that why so few people in government or the media are willing to praise, recognize, or even mention Taiwan success?  Like in iconic interview shown in screenshot below?  If you are on Twitter, search #CCP and #CCPVirus to read what is being posted about this in Taiwan, Hong Kong and by free, non-Communist Chinese everywhere.
Here’s the latest post on our Facebook Page:
Glad #socialist#progressive#Democrats now say it’s wrong & #racist to blame a race or nationality that accidentally spreads disease. Will they now apologize for falsely blaming #whites#Europeans & America today for diseases that killed 90% of #NativeAmerican Indians years ago?
Our Top Media Tweet for March on Twitter:
Would it be racist to now call this the #NewYork #Democrat #coronavirus instead of #Communist #ChinaVirus #China or #ChineseCommunist Party or #CCPVirus@Grossman4NJ

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Every News Outlet Repeated That Same Lie About Kate Smith, Hour After Hour, Day After Day.

For three days last April, every news outlet in America reported that New York Yankees baseball and Philadelphia Flyers hockey both removed Kate’s  “God Bless America” from their stadiums.  Hour after hour, they repeated the big lie that this was done because “Kate Smith sang racist songs during the 1930’s”.

This lie was never questioned or challenged.  It was repeated so often that most Americans now believe it is true.

Kate Smith Statue by Philadelphia Flyers/Xfinity Stadium covered like a prisoner set for execution before it was removed last April 21.  Photo by 101.5 FM

I am the executive director of  We are a non-political, tax-exempt  education group.

Last year, I was a Republican candidates for Congress in New Jersey.  I was narrowly defeated.  Like many Republicans, I could not overcome countless lies imbedded in the minds of half the voters in a culture war against America that has been going on for the past 50 years.

We need to fight back.   We need to win battles in that culture war before the next elections.  The first battle our group wants to win is to restore the reputation of Kate Smith and “God Bless America”.  Here is how we want to begin.

Donate To Our ‘Summer of Truth’ Project
1.  Postcards:  We plan to mail or hand out 50,000 postcards along the New Jersey beaches and Boardwalks, where many Yankee and Flyers fans go in the summer.  Here is a rough idea of the message and images we would like to use.  However, we want your opinion before we have them designed and printed.   Please let us know your thoughts by contacting us at  Thanks.POSTCARD SIDE #1:

Ethel Waters recorded “Pickaninny Blues” in 1926. It may be a play on words of the 1921 hit by Noble Sissle & Eubie Blake “My Pickaninny Shoes”.  That song was part of their breakthrough revue “Shuffle Along”.  It instantly transformed the minstrel show from degradation of blacks to a genuine expression of black art, culture, and pride as part of “The Harlem Renaissance”.
Language, like fashion, changes.  In 1931, words like “black” and “African-American” were offensive.  Words like “darky”, “pickaninny” and “Mammy” were not.  Those now offensive words were then in the songs, writings, and everyday speech of most blacks including leaders and celebrities like Noble Sissle, Ethel Waters, Paul Robeson and James Baldwin.
Kate Smith sang 3,000 songs.  She was in her mid-20s when she recorded two songs containing those three words that are now objectionable.

Civil rights militant Paul Robeson also recorded “That’s Why Darkies Were Born” in 1931.
“That’s Why Darkies Were Born” was a song for justice–not white supremacy.  It refers to four Bible verses condemning racism and oppression!  It was sung by Robeson and jazz singer Mildred Bailey as well as Kate.These facts are so obvious and undisputed, that they should be known by every high school graduate.   Sadly, they are not.  Help us change that.
            Visit us at:
Call: (609) 927-7333
Join us for Every Saturday Breakfasts 9:30 AM
Shore Diner by Parkway Exit 36.  Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234

2.  Videos:  Help us create and share videos.  Visit and the YouTube Channel.   If you have videos to deliver our message, please share them with us so we can post them on our channel!   Thanks. 3.  T-Shirts and Souvenirs:  Help us design, market and sell them.  We have agreed to donate all profits to restoring Kate Smith’s reputation.

4.   Publish and Post Letters:   Send them to your local newspaper.  Post comments on their online sites and social media.   You are welcome to copy and paste anything we post on or Patriots for Kate Smith.

5.  Reach Out and Organize Phillies and Flyers fans.    Many Phillies fans want “God Bless America” for their home games during the 7th Inning!   Flyers fans  also want that song and Kate’s statue back in Philadelphia.  Also, help us get the attention of Comcast, the media mega-giant that owns the Flyers–and operates stadiums and convention centers around the country–including two in Atlantic City.

If you have not already done so, please make an anonymous (if you want), tax-exempt donation.    Millions of visitors from around the country will soon be visiting our beaches, boardwalks, and casinos–including many high school and college students.   This is the best time and place to reach them!

Also, please tell us how we can cooperate with you or any other group to deliver our message beyond the New Jersey-Philadelphia area.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director
Personal Email:
(609) 927-7333
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Please Donate To Our ‘Summer of Truth’ Project
All online donations received during the months of May and June will be dedicated to our Summer of Truth campaign to repair the damage done to Kate Smith’s reputation!
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